Engagement Rings Gold Coast

How we help you create the perfect Engagement Ring

Here at Finelines Jewellers, you will notice that our speciality is custom-made Engagement Rings Gold Coast. After designing and creating custom Engagement rings for over 30 years in Australia, Asia, Europe and the UK, I have been able to draw on the vast experiences from these various parts of the world, which allows me to offer unique and tailor-made options for each client.

I find that each client is looking for their very own special piece of jewellery that represents them. This can range from a classic style diamond solitaire through to a ring with coloured gems such as sapphire, tourmaline or opal. Perhaps it is Vintage or Art Deco inspired jewellery you adore, or would you prefer a ring that is modern and simplistic in design. Whatever your style, idea or dream, we at Finelines, can work with you to bring those ideas to life through our custom engagement ring process.

Common feedback is, that many clients don’t realize custom engagement rings are an option or that they don’t know where or how to start creating a ring, so this is where we as jewellers come in to guide you through the process, and this starts with an obligation free consultation. It’s that perfect moment to share ideas and start seeing what is really possible.

Having spent some time getting to know you and discussing options, we then go about sourcing diamonds and gemstones along with the platinum and gold that would suit your requirements. From there, we’ll sketch designs that will be unique to you, which can also include that extra personalized touch. Think birthstones, symbols, initials or even recycling part of a family heirloom, anything that means something to you.

Once a design and the gemstone or diamond has been selected, be it Brilliant Cut, Pear-shaped, Cushion or Oval cut, we can then go about fashioning your piece in our onsite jewellery workshop by skilled master jewellers. The standard process can take around 6 weeks depending on the Design, and the opportunity to view your ring in progress through various stages is available.

Upon completion, we guarantee all our craftsmanship, but mostly we guarantee you will love your new Gold Coast Engagement Ring. We also offer complimentary clean and checks for life, which keeps your ring looking its finest while maintaining its security, which means the ring you helped create will bring you joy forever.






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