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Long gone are the days of trekking to a jewelry store to find that perfect engagement ring. What used to be a monumental trip to the store has now been reduced to a simple click of the mouse.

Thanks to the ever-expanding online realm, purchasing an engagement ring has become a breeze. With countless jewelers embracing the digital landscape, the process has never been more convenient. But hold on, just because it’s easier doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the most popular way to go.

Thinking about proposing to your loved one but can’t decide whether to order a ring online or in store? This article is here to help you decide! 


Jewelry Retail Store


Many believe that jewelers are out to get us, ready to squeeze every last penny from our wallets when we’re in the market for diamonds or engagement rings. But here’s the truth: it’s not just the jewelry industry that can play this game. No matter what you’re buying – whether it’s cars, electronics, or even jewelry itself – there’s always a chance you’ll end up paying more than necessary.

The secret to avoiding this predicament lies in one simple rule: do your homework. Take the time to find a reputable jewelry store that won’t empty your bank account. And guess what? Sometimes, the best starting point is a friend’s recommendation. Their firsthand experience can lead you to a trustworthy jeweler who won’t leave you feeling ripped off.

Sure, many jewelry stores indeed have higher initial prices compared to online retailers. But remember, everything has to be considered. By weighing factors like quality, customer service, and after-sales support, you may find that the benefits of shopping at a physical store outweigh the lower prices you might find online.


Top Considerations Before Buying a Ring


When it comes to buying a ring, there are a few important questions that need to be addressed before making a decision. One such question is about the ring size. Who determines the size? And how much does it cost to get it done?

It’s crucial to consider these factors before purchasing a ring. Thankfully, many jewelers have their workshops where they can handle all the necessary adjustments. This means that buying locally can be incredibly convenient. You won’t have to endure a long wait, and in some cases, your ring can be resized or modified right on the spot.

Imagine the excitement of proposing to your girlfriend, only to tell her that she must wait 3-4 weeks to wear the ring because it needs to be sent back to an online jeweler for sizing. That certainly takes away from the magic of the moment.

Visiting a jewelry store for your ring needs is a more traditional approach, but it still holds its charm. In the past, it was the only option available. However, times have changed, and the rise of online shopping doesn’t mean that purchasing individual rings has become obsolete. In fact, there are numerous benefits that you simply can’t experience with online shopping.


Check out these points to find out why visiting a jewelry store is worth it.


  • The delivered design is easier to see as you have to see it to believe it! Seeing an image on a screen is nice, but nothing says a ring better than seeing it in person. For an engagement ring, you need to choose your ring carefully, making sure every aspect is perfect.


  • What you see in the photos may not necessarily match the size, and may mask the quality of the final product. This is especially true for stones used in diamond engagement rings. Inspecting the ring in person gives you the opportunity to thoroughly examine quality, and appearance rather than risk it. After all, something as important as an engagement ring requires a guaranteed, and tested product. The main reason is that it is a symbol of devotion, and love that you show to your partner.


  • You tend to get more personalized service. One of the biggest advantages of buying from a brick, and mortar store is that you get a customized handmade jewelry, and personal experience that you can’t get from an online store.


  • Visiting a jeweler in person provides a valuable customer experience. Jewelry stores are expected to provide unparalleled service, such as; getting to know customers, guiding customers through the design process, and explaining each design to understand the high-quality customers will receive. Online shopping does not provide face-to-face, one-on-one customer service. For a valuable item as important as an engagement ring, you need to understand the process and effort a jeweller puts into creating a ring. This is an experience that can only be enjoyed in-store shopping.


Jewelry Online Store


Thanks to the incredible power of the Internet, we’ve been showered with countless benefits: free music, movies at our fingertips, a treasure trove of information, and seamless communication. Remember the days when we had to venture out, dressed up like our fellow creatures, just to purchase something? Well, those days are long gone. Now, you have the freedom to indulge in a shopping spree from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you please. And guess what? There are no limits! You can find virtually anything your heart desires, even that perfect pair of underwear that makes you feel fabulous. The best part? It’s available to you 24/7, ready for you to seize those big, important purchases that might send shivers down your spine. 


 Is it Really Worth Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring Online?


Absolutely! Nowadays, a growing number of people are choosing to purchase diamond engagement rings online. While online sales currently account for only around 10% of all diamond engagement ring purchases, the trend is expected to continue upward. This shift in consumer behavior can be attributed to several factors, including the closure of traditional jewelry stores, with approximately 852 of them shutting down in 2018. Interestingly, online clothing sales make up nearly 60% of total purchases, indicating that buying expensive items online is becoming more commonplace.

You might be surprised to learn that you can find diamond engagement rings on platforms like Amazon, renowned for selling a wide range of products, from video games to dog food. In fact, Amazon offers engagement rings with price tags exceeding $70,000, and they even throw in free shipping.

However, it’s important to note that purchasing a diamond engagement ring online might not be suitable for everyone. While 10% of engagement rings are bought online, a significant majority of 90% are still purchased from traditional jewelry stores. Many individuals have concerns about the potential risks associated with online shopping, particularly when it comes to high-value items like engagement rings. The fear of being scammed is valid, but there are precautions you can take to ensure a safe and secure purchase.

One advantage of buying a diamond engagement ring online is the potential for lower prices. According to the basic principles of economics, online shops tend to have lower overhead costs. They don’t need to pay rent for physical stores or maintain a physical space. In fact, many online retailers don’t even keep the diamonds in stock; instead, they are owned and shipped directly by the suppliers. However, it’s worth mentioning that the landscape is evolving. With rising marketing expenses and some online merchants now opening physical stores, the cost advantage of online shops may be diminishing. 

In the past, online retailers had a significant edge due to the absence of sales tax. However, in 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that required distance sellers, including online retailers, to collect sales tax just like physical sellers. This change considerably impacted online retailers, including diamond engagement ring sellers.


Tips Needed When Buying Rings Online:


If you really don’t want to pay sales tax, there are still some online retailers that don’t collect sales tax. You can try it, but it’s not recommended due to two reasons, which are; 


  • The primary reason for not collecting sales tax is that the amount is very small and does not meet state standards. The second is simply ignoring the law, and assuming the government will not take action against them. Both carry risks. If a website tries to scam the government, it could be scamming you too. It should also be noted that jewelry retailers have become significantly more competitively priced in recent years.


  • Before diamond engagement rings were sold online, jewelry store prices were high, and shop owners drove fancy cars. Many brick-and-mortar jewelers are now offering prices in the same range, if not exactly, as those displayed online. And when owners have the choice to let customers go or pay what they can afford online, they often match prices online. So while the answer is still yes, it’s still cheaper to shop online – and the answer will always be yes – but shopping is never a bad thing. Also, if you really want to shop at a traditional jewelry store but want to shop online because it’s cheaper, let the jewelry store know. 




Life is a whirlwind of busyness for all of us. We barely have a moment to catch our breath, let alone dive into the fascinating world of diamonds. And let’s face it; not everyone can afford to spend hours on end listening to jewelers talk about sparkling gems.

Online shopping has come to the rescue, allowing you to explore and shop for diamonds at your own pace. No more rushing through a store while trying to absorb all the information thrown at you. With a few clicks and scrolls, you can leisurely browse through a wide range of options from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers are facing tough times, with many of them closing down due to shrinking profit margins. This means that your options for offline diamond shopping are becoming increasingly limited. On the other hand, the online realm offers you a vast array of choices and the convenience of easily comparing prices and features.

Sure, each shopping method has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately comes down to what suits your needs and situation the best. So whether you prefer the traditional in-store experience or the modern online shopping extravaganza, the decision is yours.

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